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Intel® IOP331 I/O Processor with Intel XScale® Technology: Brief

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Intel® IOP331 I/O Processor with Intel XScale® Technology: Brief

Up to 800 MHz CPU, Integrated PCI-X Bridge and Dual-Ported High-Bandwidth Memory Controller Deliver Superior Performance

Product Highlights
• 32-bit high-performance CPU (500, 667, 800 MHz) based upon Intel XScale® microarchitecture
• Integrated 133 MHz/64-bit PCI-X* to PCI-X Bridge (PCI 1.0A, PCI 2.3, PCI Bridge 1.1 compliant, scalability/flexibility on both PCI-X buses, four secondary devices supported by integrated clockouts and arbiter, private device and private memory support)
• DDR 333 and DDRII 400 SDRAM with ECC (up to 2 GB of 32- or 64-bit memory, optional single-bit error correction/multi-bit detection support)
• Dual-ported memory controller with pipelined access from Intel XScale microarchitecture and internal peripherals (programmable control for preemption by Intel XScale microarchitecture and multitransaction counter for performance tuning)
• RAID5 XOR and iSCSI CRC32C off-load engines
• 8 or 16-bit, 66 MHz Peripheral Bus Interface (programmable bus width and wait states for two memory windows, two chip selects)
• 266 MHz, 64-bit (2.1 GB/sec) internal bus
• 2-channel DMA engine with support for scatter and gather of data blocks, automatic data chaining, and unaligned data transfers between PCI-to-local memory, local memory-to-PCI and memory-to-memory (three 1 Kbyte data buffers per channel)

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