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Omnicell Streamlines Medication Dispensing: Brief

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Omnicell Streamlines Medication Dispensing: Brief

Enhancing many aspects of medication distribution, automated dispensing cabinets can improve patient safety, increase control over drug inventory, and simplify billing processes, among other benefits. “As automated dispensing cabinets have become the cornerstone of many hospital medication distribution processes, new workflow challenges have arisen,” says Bobbi Jamriska, senior product manager at Omnicell. Often nurses may have to wait for access to the medication dispensing cabinet to review and remove their patients’ medications, resulting in a pressured environment.

The Omnicell Mobile Medication System* is a fully integrated solution that streamlines administrative processes related to medication administration, providing nurses more time for patient care. The solution features Omnicell’s Anywhere RN* software and a wireless mobile medication cart based on the Intel® Core™2 Duo processor. The medical-grade system allows clinicians to select patient medications quickly and securely from any location at any time, thus reducing transaction time at the cabinet. This integrated system gives nurses an easy-to-use, intuitive solution that simplifies tedious processes related to medication management while ensuring secure transport of medications right up to the patient’s bedside.

Highly Integrated
Clinicians can increase workflow efficiencies and reduce the risk of medication errors by using a fully integrated, transportable solution that supports bar code medication administration at the bedside. Omnicell automated dispensing cabinets and mobile medication systems aid in ensuring that the five rights of medication administration are verified: right medication, right dose, right time, right route, and right patient.

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