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Leading-edge performance, scalability, and security

Advances in technology are transforming healthcare solutions, from large Imaging systems to mobile devices.

Intel® architecture helps you drive innovation:

• Scalable and rugged platforms based on open standards for future technology updates
• Software compatibility with existing designs for investment protection and long-life solutions
• Strong ecosystem support for faster, lower-cost product development

Intel and its ecosystem provide the hardware, software, and tools you need.


High-end medical imaging

High-end medical imaging >

High-end medical imaging systems range from X-ray and computed tomography (CT) scans to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) devices.


Ultrasound > 

Ultrasound imaging (sonography) uses high-frequency sound waves to image soft tissues such as muscles and internal organs in real time.

Diagnostics and therapeutics

Diagnostics and therapeutics >

Diagnostic equipment includes patient monitoring and lab equipment, ECG, EKG, and remote monitoring solutions. Therapeutic devices include devices that administer therapy, such as infusion pumps and dialysis equipment.


Fitness >

Cardiovascular training products with interactive touchscreen displays provide easy navigation to entertainment content, personalized workouts, and virtual training environments.

Healthcare IT solutions

Healthcare IT solutions > 

Healthcare information technology solutions range from medical tablets and bedside terminals to backend servers.

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