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Intel® Intelligent Systems Empowering Embedded Innovation

Empowering a new world of embedded innovation

Intelligent Systems

Empowering a new world of embedded innovation

The world is in the midst of a dramatic shift from an era of computers to one of computing. Today, billions of intelligent devices are poised to make more than a trillion connections, weaving computing into every aspect of our lives, generating tremendous amounts of data, and making unprecedented opportunities possible.

This transformation will enable new user experiences, enhanced productivity, better safety, and improved efficiency for businesses and consumers alike. From cars that recognize their owners to supermarket displays that help shoppers plan their dinner menus, devices are growing more connected, more context-aware, and more adaptive to our needs. 

The embedded market segment is also transitioning from traditional fixed-function and isolated embedded systems to a new category of intelligent systems. Intelligent systems offer vastly enhanced user experiences while dramatically increasing the flow of information to the cloud, data centers, and back.

The intelligent systems opportunity

Analyst firm IDC predicts that by 2015 more than a third of the billions of connected devices will be intelligent systems—a market representing around 4 billion units and more than $2 trillion in potential revenue.1

In addition, there is immense value to be extracted from data from the Internet of Things. Harnessing and combining both machine-generated and user-created data holds the potential to improve lives, spur incredible advances in productivity, and create new, industry-shifting services.

Simplifying the Internet of Things

The ultimate potential of the Internet of Things will be realized with the ability to derive value from data captured at every step in the system—from sensor controllers to edge gateways to cloud to client. To capitalize on these opportunities, enterprises require tools, technologies, and platforms able to convert massive volumes of data from many different sources into value-added information.

Intel is addressing these needs with the Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework, a set of interoperable solutions designed to facilitate connecting, managing, and securing devices in a consistent and scalable manner.

The Intelligent Systems Framework enables OEMs to shift their investments from achieving interoperability to unlocking the value of data. The framework features fundamental capabilities, delivered by components that address connectivity, manageability and security including software and middleware from Wind River* and McAfee*.

Ecosystem support

Intel is also forming an ecosystem of system vendors, ISVs, system integrators, and cloud-to-device services (application enablement platforms) that build upon the Intelligent Systems Framework foundation. Several companies lined up to support the Intelligent Systems Framework include Advantech*, Arrow Electronics*, Avnet*, Axeda*, Dell*, Digi International*, Kontron*, McAfee*, Portwell*, WebHouse*, and Wind River*.

Key aspects of intelligent systems:

Processing performance

Processing performance

Today’s systems are generating increasing volumes of data, escalating demand for greater performance and workload consolidation to help turn that raw data into measurable insights that can then be converted into services, and finally into business value.

To meet this demand and help customers realize the emerging opportunities made possible by intelligent systems, Intel delivers energy-efficient performance processors ranging from the low-power Intel® AtomTM processor to the high-performance Intel® Xeon® processor family.



With millions of devices connecting to the network, often in remote and far-flung locations, intelligent systems must be reliable, highly available, and easily upgradeable to maximize return on investment (ROI) and keep total cost of ownership (TCO) low. Intel provides a broad spectrum of hardware- and software-based manageability solutions. The Intel® CoreTM vProTM processor family also provides integrated hardware support for intelligent management functions, virtualization, and platform security.



Whether intelligent systems are working with personal or enterprise data, security is paramount. Automated intelligent systems play mission-critical roles in high-value applications across many industries. Intel provides security solutions to ensure intelligent systems, applications, and data are protected, including tools from McAfee®, a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel and the world’s largest dedicated security company.

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Network connectivity


The number of connected intelligent systems is expected to grow by 400 percent to 20 billion devices or more over the next 10 years. Data traffic is anticipated to grow by as much as 200 times in the next decade, with increasingly rich data adding to network demand.

Intel delivers continuously increasing performance per watt, enabling Intel® processors to simplify the connectivity in intelligent systems and equip businesses and network operators to move intelligence to the network edge. Intel provides connectivity solutions for heterogeneous networks, including wide area networking, Wi-Fi, and cellular communications.

Intel initiatives across industries

Together with strategic partnerships and dedicated research and engineering teams, these Intel® solutions provide a foundation for success for intelligent systems vendors and service providers in the retail, automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, communications, and energy market segments. A few examples are shown below. For technical information regarding applications in other market segments, visit the Intel® Embedded Design Center.



Intel is working with the automotive industry on innovative ways to keep you informed, entertained and productive on the road. 

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Together with leading developers of retail solutions, including HP, NCP and NEC, Intel is delivering new technologies that help retailers increase customer engagement, enhance metrics, boost profits, and lower costs.

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The consistency of Intel® IA architecture offers service providers flexible and scalable embedded solutions to meet the demand for new services and experiences.

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Seize the future

The rapid rise of billions of intelligent systems will create tremendous opportunities for growth. Intel is providing key solutions to accelerate the $2 trillion growth opportunity, with processing, connectivity, manageability and security solutions, complemented by development resources and the ecosystem that the industry needs to accelerate innovation. 

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