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Intel® Intelligent System Extended (Intel® ISX) Form Factor Reference Design

Reduce development time and cost with Intel® modular board design

The Intel® Intelligent System Extended (Intel® ISX) Form Factor Reference Design is a reference design file that provides the core section modular board design (MBD) of the board layout that can be placed directly into an embedded design, saving substantial development time.

  • About 70 percent of the layout is already completed by using Intel ISX.

  • The MBD portion provides full routing of processor, memory, Platform Controller Hub (PCH), if applicable, and processor voltage regulator (VR).

  • The MBD design file provides the critical routing traces between the architecture silicon and memory, in addition to the main routing traces to associated components.

  • The reference design provides the Intel® architecture pro­cessing performance required for digital signage, information kiosks, and other space-constrained embedded applications.



Product Brief: Intel® Intelligent System Extended Form Factor Reference Design

White Paper: Mobile 4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor—Modular Board Design (MBD) based on the Intel® ISX Platform

Intel® modular board design

Intel® Intelligent System Extended (Intel® ISX) block diagram

The Intel® Intelligent System Extended (Intel® ISX) Form Factor Reference Design provides a reference design file that enables the core section of the board design to be treated as a separate, reusable, “cut-and-paste” module.

Flexible options  

You can adopt Intel ISX Form Factor Reference Design exactly at the board or system level—or adopt and modify the reference design to meet custom requirements.


Adopt exactly

Simplifies development and speeds time-to-market. Board and system-level designs are already completed.


Adopt and modify

Incorporate the Intel ISX design into custom designs to gain benefits of Intel architecture, including superior performance-per-watt, low total cost of ownership, and efficient scalability.  

Intel ISX Form Factor Reference Design lets you quickly complete product designs within a framework that brings together hardware, operating systems, tools, and software to provide connectivity, manageability, and security in a consistent and scalable manner.

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