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Creating Full Screen Applications Across Multiple Displays in Extended Mode

Creating Full Screen Apps Across Multiple Displays: White Paper

Executive Summary
This document presents a summary of methods to help developers enable full screen applications across multiple displays in extended mode on Intel® architecture (IA) platforms.

To be competitive, enabling full screen applications across multiple displays is critical for delivering a great user experience.

One of the key objectives for gaming customers is to create fantastic user experience through wide screen and high quality displays. There are many requests from the gaming and amusement industry to display 3D contents in resolution greater than 1080p.

Most monitors are designed for 1080p resolution; high end monitors that support resolution greater than 1080p are very expensive. To display content at more than 1080p resolution, a customer application needs to pan across multiple monitors. Due to normal OS and application behavior, when an application turns into full screen mode, it will display only on one monitor.

Portability is the main advantage of modifying the application codes to span across extended mode screens. Implementing the feature in the application removes the dependency on the hardware and device driver. The modified application can then work the same across all Intel® processors and integrated graphics adapters from Intel® Core™ processors to Intel® Atom™ processors. Therefore, the customer would only have to modify the application once and then it can be used in other Intel® platforms.

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