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Intel Paves the Way for Industry and Automation

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Intel Paves the Way for Industry and Automation

Any builder will tell you the key to a strong structure is a good foundation. Celebrity chefs say their secret lies in using only the freshest ingredients. Similarly, a strong technical foundation enables manufacturers in automation, process control, engineering, chemical, and medical fields to excel and achieve their goals. “If I have seen further,” said Sir Isaac Newton more than 300 years ago, “it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Any manufacturing business relies on its raw materials, whether they be iron, coal, hydrogen, or silicon. But today’s manufacturing and process-control industries rely on their infrastructure as well – the processes, instruments, and systems that keep the manufacturing process going. Only by building a dependable infra-structure can the company’s value shine through. Good business means emphasizing your differentiation, and you can’t do that if you’re still worrying about the basics. Get the basics down solidly, and you can focus on the all-important value-add.

Manufacturing is increasingly automated, controlled by elaborate (and often proprietary) algorithms that yield the best results. These are trade secrets, but the technology behind them is not. Across the globe, automation providers rely on Intel technology to power their robots, process control, vision systems, and factory-floor automation. Simply put, Intel provides the basic underlying technology that allows these manufacturers to focus on their value-add, knowing the foundation is sound, solid, and reliable.

Sound, solid, and reliable may seem like traditional, low-tech characteristics – and they are. But today, Intel’s solid reliability is also a high-tech differentiator.

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