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Intel® Industrial Control Reference Design: Product Brief

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Intel® Industrial Control Reference Design: Product Brief

Product Overview

Industrial OEMs, systems integrators, and users developing control systems must quickly respond to changing performance, safety, and feature requirements, but system architectures based on inflexible “everything-in-one” ASICs are slowing the pace of redesigns. Whenever there's a need for new functionality or additional performance, a new ASIC has to be designed and deployed. Developing these complex chips requires experienced engineers, who are in short supply, and companies can ill-afford to take a trial and error design approach.

Alternatively, functionality can be partitioned into firmware and hardware components, and this architectural approach improves flexibility, scalability, and time-to-market. It's relatively easy to reuse or “mix and match” firmware and hardware components and tailor solutions to specific applications, especially if the architecture is standards-based. There's no long ASIC design cycle, and the time required to develop a family of products is greatly reduced.

To meet the need to simplify system development and get to market faster, the Intel® industrial control reference design facilitates the migration to a flexible modular architecture. It's based on an easy-to-use platform, comprising hardware and software components from industrial market leaders.

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