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IDF14 Shenzhen Technical Session Tracks

Start planning your IDF experience here. Let the Technical Session Tracks summaries be your guide to select the right technical sessions for you.1

Technical Tracks
Titles Descriptions
Exploring the Technical Details of Intel® Next Generation Microarchitectures (ARC) Join this track to get details on the next  generation Intel® microarchitectures.
2 in 1 and All-in-One: Computing Re-Invented (CRI) Intel is committed to delivering great user experiences for 2 in 1 devices, All-in-One (AIO) PCs and beyond.  Intel is re-defining the PC landscape, enabling the ecosystem to deliver a broader range of choices at a variety of price points with multiple operating systems.  This track will provide a technical deep dive and usages for 2 in 1s and traditional/portable AIOs, as well as ecosystem components critical for delivering on each value proposition.
Re-architecting the Data Center for the Digital Service Economy (DAT) Dramatic growth in devices, data, and users is putting significant pressure on organizations to deliver new digital services much more quickly while deriving new business insights.  Join this track to hear about Intel® platforms and solutions for re-architecting the data center towards software defined infrastructure to deliver new services faster, more efficiently and at lower total cost of ownership. Attendees will walk away with the latest insight on emerging technical development trends impacting data centers and best known methods for infrastructure and software optimization.
Gold Sponsor Sessions (GSS) This track includes sessions from the Gold Sponsors of IDF.
Graphics and Visual Computing (GVC) Intel wants to enhance your Visual Experience!  From Intel® Iris™ Pro in notebooks to Intel® HD Graphics in tablets and workstations, Intel has a great solution for your platform.  Come and hear about the latest in graphics technology from some of our experts.  Technical sessions in this track will cover a broad range of topics including next generation microarchitecture, low power optimization, gaming, media, heterogeneous computing, and display technologies.  The sessions will include live demos and will highlight case studies and performance optimizations using a variety of tools and methods.
High Speed I/O Technologies (HST) This track demonstrates how Intel® technologies combine to accelerate end user innovation and scale power, performance, and functionality as new generations of solutions become available across the Intel® architecture continuum, from handheld devices to cloud computing. Key technology discussions include: USB and PCI architectures.
The Internet of Things (IoT) Starts with Intelligence Inside:  Introducing IoT Product and Solutions From Intel (IOT) The world is in the midst of a dramatic transformation from isolated systems to Internet-enabled devices that can network and communicate with each other and the cloud. Commonly referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT), this new reality and shift is being driven by the convergence of increasingly connected devices, cloud economics for compute and data, and the acceleration of big data analytics. The enormous volumes of data generated and shared across intelligent devices and systems can now be analyzed, and the untapped value extracted to serve business needs.
This track will introduce the latest Intel® products,  from silicon to software,  within key market segment areas such as:  retail, transportation, digital security and surveillance and advanced manufacturing. Come hear how Intel, along with Wind River, is accelerating the development and deployment of IoT and enabling companies to provide better products and services that will enrich the consumer experience.
Multi-OS, HTML5, Android* and More:  Platform Leadership Through Software (SFT) Intel® software unlocks your platform processor’s  full range of capabilities that can energize and drive your business forward.  Intel Software delivers solutions that span multiple computer platforms, enabling you to more easily offer your customers a wide range of operating system solutions, services and support. This track will provide deep insight and education in to the latest Operating Systems, software solutions and Tools as well as support for the latest platform capabilities including support for the Android* O/S, SW Tools, HTML5, platform case studies and more.
Special Sessions (SPC) This track includes the special sessions at IDF including Technology Insight and other special sessions.
Intel® Solid-State Drive Technology (SSD) Join the sessions in this track to find out where and why solid-state drives (SSDs) excel.  Hear about key considerations when designing SSDs into data centers. This track also explores PCI Express*/ NVM Express and the future of SSDs in client and data center applications.
System Technologies and Tools: UEFI, System Design and Simulation (STT) Get the latest technical information on the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) industry standard and advancements in system technologies including simulation, development, testing and optimization tools. Hear how Intel and Industry leaders are building on UEFI open foundation to develop more innovative, efficient and robust platforms. In addition, this track covers tools and simulation technologies for system design, analysis and development where you hear about new approaches to systems development as well as simulation tools to expedite design decisions and capabilities for mobile devices.
What’s Next for Tablets from Intel (TAB) Tablets have won worldwide consumer acceptance.  What is next?  What factors will drive even higher market penetration?  This track will examine the Intel® platform roadmap for both Android* and Windows* tablets.  Intel experts will describe the scalable architecture, technologies and software tools that support new user experiences.  We will discuss the implications of our 64-bit enabled platforms on applications.  We will detail the 2014 Entry and Value Tablet platforms and how OEMs and ODMs can engage with Intel on these platforms. While Intel platforms are already noted for performance and all-day battery life, our next-generation platforms will enable even more immersive experiences, creating opportunities for hardware and software developers to join the next round of innovation in mobile devices.

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1. Intel reserves the right to make changes and adjustments in the content and schedule of Intel Developer Forum at its sole discretion.