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Opening Keynote - Brian Krzanich, CEO

Opening Keynote - Brian Krzanich, CEO

Hear directly from Intel Chief Executive Officer, Brian Krzanich, as he shares Intel's vision for the future and provides updates on advancements in Intel® technologies. 1 Opening keynote will be available on demand on this web site within 24 hours of the session finishing.

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Mega Sessions Are New This Year, Offering More Flexibility for IDF Attendees
New this year at IDF14 are the Mega Sessions. Our presenters are senior leaders at Intel and will focus on today’s technology trends and innovations. Mega Sessions still allow for flexibility in your IDF14 schedule; our other sessions will be running in tandem so you can choose what matches your interest. We recommend getting to the Mega Sessions early to make sure you get a seat. (Note: Mega Sessions will be available on demand on this web site within 24 hours of the session finishing)

Doug Davis


Mega Session: Internet of Things: LIVE with Doug Davis

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On September 9th at 11:00 a.m., Intel will kick off its first midday talk show. The session will include a live band, industry luminary guests, a top ten list of the coolest IOT designs, and makers’ demos.

Audiences will come away from Davis’s talk with deep understanding of how the Internet of Things will unleash new business models, products, and services; open new avenues for critical problem solving; improve real-time decision making; and enable dramatic increases in efficiency and productivity. They will hear examples of how these benefits are transforming our cities, public utilities, and services, and all kinds of industries from manufacturing to retail, automotive to healthcare, energy to education. Most importantly, they will gain valuable insights into the five “must-haves” for realizing the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT), the key players, and the essential next steps along each dimension to enable developers to be prepared to connect and secure the IoT.

Michael Bell


Mega Session: The Next Revolution in Computing: Intel® Edison Platform, Wearables, and New Devices

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The next generation of computing opens up a new frontier for developers.  Mike Bell, who is leading Intel's New Devices Group, will lead an informal discussion about how the Intel® Edison platform has created a new standard entrepreneurs and inventors. He will also explore the rich opportunities now emerging in the wearable space and how developers can be part of this rapidly expanding ecosystem. Mike will be joined on stage by some of the leading business figures in this space. Be prepared for a wide-ranging discussion of how Intel and its partners want to redefine the computing experience.

Doug Fisher


Mega Session: Taking on the Developer Challenge

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System software and application developers are under two fundamental pressures: Time to market (TTM) and the need to drive return on investment (ROI) through hit products. TTM is even more important in an industry shaped by multiple ecosystems where moving from one OS to another costs time and resources. We are also an industry driven by hit products. Yet, user expectations keep rising for every platform they use. The developer’s challenge is to move fast, excite users, and extend the business into new market segments. Doug Fisher, vice president and general manager of the Software and Services Group, will share tools and strategies Intel is delivering to address the developer challenge.

Hermann Eul


Mega Session: 'Appy Hour with Hermann

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Enjoy some tasty apps (as in, appetizers) and beverages as Hermann Eul, General Manager of Intel's Mobile Communications Group, introduces some fresh personalities and perspectives in mobile computing. You will be inspired to think bigger—much bigger—about opportunities in mobile design and application development on a global scale. 

Diane Bryant


Mega Session: The Data Center Opportunity

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Please join Diane Bryant, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Intel’s Data Center Group, as she discusses the global shift to digital services and how this creates the need for a re-architecture of data center solutions. Developers will be key in delivering these solutions which will require new workload-optimized approaches to platform design, cloud-enabled applications driven by advanced analytics, and automated, efficient software-defined infrastructure. Learn more about Intel’s future technologies as well as tools and support communities to help developers capitalize on the opportunities in the data center.

Kirk Skaugen


Mega Session: PC Reinvention and Innovation - Focus Areas for Developers

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In the competitive and changing market landscape of the technology industry, it is essential to keep an eye towards the future while driving business today. The personal computing market is rapidly changing and innovating in ways that no one imagined just five years ago. And it is all changing real time as the industry at large works to deliver on new usages, stunning new form factors, continuous integration, and designs even our kids will love. Be part of this incredible industry transformation and learn about what opportunities are ahead for you, your business, and your products. Kirk Skaugen, Senior Vice President and General Manager, PC Client Group, will be joined by other industry luminaries to give a perspective on current and future trends, and focus areas for developers to capitalize on the next wave of personal computing growth.

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