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IDF13 San Francisco Topics

Sharpen your focus on the technologies that matter most to you. Check out the sessions within these core areas and get even more out of IDF13.


From HTML5 to the Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor: Technical and Education Models to Provide the Next Generation Workforce (ACAP001)

Hands-on Lab
Connecting Server and Mobile Application Development with HTML5 in the Enterprise (SFTL004)

Technology Insight
HTML5 – The Most Viable Path to Seamless Computing (SPCS006)

Technical Session
Overview of the Intel® HTML5 Development Environment and Intel®HTML5 App Porter Tool (SFTS006)

Tablets and Silvermont

Technology Insight
Intel® Platform for Tablets, Code Name Bay Trail-T (SPCS004)
Intel Silvermont Microarchitecture (SPCS005)

Technical Sessions
Tablets with Android* and Intel® Atom™ Processors (TABS002)
Tablets with Windows* and Intel® Atom™ Processors (TABS001)
Building Compelling Windows* Store Applications on Intel® Atom™ Processor Based Tablet Devices (SFTS004)

Perceptual Computing

Technology Insight
Interactive Experiences with Perceptual Computing (SPCS001)

Hands-on Lab
Adding Natural User Interfaces to Software with the Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK (PERL001)

Technical Sessions
Adding Natural User Interfaces to Software with the Intel® Perceptual Computing™ SDK (PERS004)
Speech Interaction – Designing Today for Capabilities of Tomorrow! (PERS002)

Big Data

Technical Sessions
Moore's Law And Big Data - Let's Make Big Data Matter (EDCS006)

Intel® Wireless Display Technical Overview
Enabling Dual Screen Applications (EXPS001)
Protect Your Big Data with Intel® Xeon® Processors and Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop* Software (EDCS004)
Making Big Data Relevant (FUTS004)

Beyond Queries
Finding Patterns in Big Data Using Graph Analytics with Hadoop* Software (TECS003)


Using Intel® AMT and Intel® Smart Connect from the Cloud (SFTL003)

Poster Chat
Programming Software Defined Networking with the Intel® Open Network Platform Switch Reference Design (COMC001)

Technical Sessions
Meshcentral.com – Using Intel® AMT and Intel® Smart Connect Features From the Cloud (BCSS003)
Intel IT Open Cloud – What’s Under the Hood, and How Do We Drive It? (CLDS004)

OpenStack* Swift Erasure Code
A Smart Cloud Storage Solution (CLDS007)