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IDF Intel Pavilions

Experience demonstrations of new Intel® technology at the Intel Pavilions. See the latest innovations in cloud and data center, Ultrabook™, tablets, security, and research.

Ask your questions, collaborate, and get information from Intel engineers who know these emerging technologies best.

Check back often for updated listings and details about Intel Pavilions. 1

Intel Pavilions
Advanced Technology Zone Come to the Advanced Technology Zone and experience cutting edge technologies on Intel® architecture.  Learn about new solutions in performance, media and graphics, wireless, and perceptual computing.
Data Center Workload Challenge The Data Center Workload Challenge is an interactive game that allows contestants to test their knowledge of data center workloads and what platforms they run best on.  Learn about the latest Data Center and Connected System Group products and technologies that run the broad diversity of workloads that exist today.
Intel Business Client Pavilion Introducing the new 4th generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor, where mobile security meets business productivity. Experience a sleek collection of business-class Ultrabook 2-in-1 devices, delivering a performance PC and tablet functionality in a single device. Collaborate through secured wireless sharing. Help safeguard your network with hardware-enhanced security features. See how indoor location services can track IT resources faster and enhance employee productivity.
Intel Labs Pavilion Intel's Labs is responsible for developing technologies that will make Intel's future platforms more capable, as well as more effective in addressing users' needs and experiences. Some of our research is focused on fueling innovation for platforms that will be in the market in the next few years while other research projects explore technologies that are more than a decade away. While Intel Labs conducts research over a broad spectrum of technology areas, this year the labs will be showing demos related to big data and the data economy, sustainability, green power enabling, Multi-Radio Access Technology (RAT), display technologies and display techniques, security and authentication technology and other high performance computing approaches. Come visit the Intel Labs Pavilion located in the Technology Showcase exhibit hall to experience these technologies and talk with the engineers who are making the future possible.
Intel Security Pavilion At Intel Security technologies are a priority for our research and development teams spanning many disciplines. From hardware enhanced encryption to new ways to secure your laptop, you can be sure Intel is on the leading edge of maintaining and enhancing your platforms trusted status. Join us in the Intel Security Pavilion where teams from across Intel will highlight their work in security, from servers to cell phones that securely enhance your platforms and your experience.
Intel Software and Services Pavilion The Intel Software and Services Pavilion will showcase leading edge products and technologies that are shaping tomorrows computing solutions, today. In the Software Pavilion you’ll be able to experience hands on demonstration examples of Software Development Tools, Software Services and their development environment support, ISV enabling, education and community support as well as a broad range of emerging products and technologies that are driving the software ecosystem forward. Come visit us at the Intel Software Pavilion to get a new perspective of where software is going and how you can get take part.
Intelligent Systems Zone: The Internet of Things By simplifying the Internet of Things, Intel is enabling us to live connected – securely and seamlessly. Providing a consistent and scalable manner for connecting, managing, and securing devices and data, customers can get the most out of their connected systems. Delivering solutions for intelligent systems, Intel puts the intelligence in embedded.  Visit the Intelligent Systems Zone at IDF and learn more about how our solutions enrich and enliven everyday user experiences, enhance productivity, and foster unprecedented growth and innovation for businesses and consumers alike.
Mobility Zone
Experience the latest breadth of innovative devices brought to you by Intel® processors. See, feel and touch the latest design innovations in tablets, 2-in-1 devices and Ultrabooks™. Explore the latest family of Intel® Atom™ processors for smartphones with Google Android.
Visual Experience Intel is committed to providing the best overall user experience, and graphics and visual computing are key components of that experience. Come see Intel's latest graphics offerings across a variety of platforms at the Visual Experience Pavilion.

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1. Intel reserves the right to make changes and adjustments in the content and schedule of Intel Developer Forum at its sole discretion.