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IDF13 San Francisco Green Life

IDF Green Life

At Intel, we know our environmental responsibility goes far beyond delivering eco-friendly products. Our commitment to using technology for intelligent solutions to reduce impacts doesn't stop at the processor. It extends into how we manage Intel Developer Forum and engage attendees in simple ways to reduce impact, add value, and educate attendees about sustainability. This has included taking steps at IDF San Francisco, Beijing, and São Paulo. We're making steady progress to exercise a long-term commitment to become more sustainable.

Green IDF (what Intel is doing)

Intel is proudly partnering with our suppliers to continue to green the upcoming Intel Developer Forum in new and diverse ways. Intel is still sustaining our past practices of using energy efficient audio visual equipment and LED lighting, reusing Intel event properties, keynote staging, and technology showcase booths, using a comprehensive back and front of house recycling, composting and donation program that reduces landfill materials and selecting host hotels within walking distance of Moscone Center that have linen reuse programs, energy efficient house-keeping,use green-certified cleaners, and use recycled content paper products.

Intel would also like to congratulate Moscone Center on achieving LEED® Gold!  This new “green building” status has involved retrofits that are expected to reduce annual water use by 40%. 1


Interactive pavilions and displays at IDF U.S. are mainly built from components that are re-used every year. In fact, 90% of exhibit assets have been used at other Intel events. Several assets are in their ninth year of use! 2

Using online evaluations at IDF events in the U.S. and China saved 62,000 sheets of paper. Stretched end to end, that’s as long as the cables used to move all the Cable Cars in San Francisco. 3


id you know IDF U.S. has achieved the highest diversion from landfill rate of any event of its size held at Moscone Center? It’s true! In 2012 our event diversion rate climbed to 87% - a venue record! Thank you for helping us set the bar by recycling and composting your event waste! 4


In 2012 IDF organizers avoided over 250 metric tons of carbon emissions by consolidating freight shipments and storing reusable assets locally. That’s equal to CO2 emmisions produced by 10,417 home BBQ propane cylinders. 5

IDF offsets all venue energy use by purchasing Green-e® certified Renewable Energy Credits. 520 MWh of wind energy purchased for IDF compares to 1,178 barrels of oil not used. 6

Thanks for all you do to make IDF green by reducing waste and recycling. Between 2011 and 2012 our event waste dropped by a record 11 tons. That’s the weight of 7,333 Ultrabooks! 7

Product and Performance Information


1. Direct reported by Moscone Center. For more information: http://www.moscone.com/uploads/award/9/pdf/Moscone%20Earns%20LEED%20Gold%20Media%20Kit.pdf

2. Asset reuse is direct reported by the Taylor Group and itemized per pavilion used each year.

3. Based on an estimated 23,500 (Beijing) and 38,500 (San Francisco) paper evaluations, 8.5"x11" size.  Laid out end-to-end this would measure 56,833 feet. The total length of cable in the Powell, Mason, Hyde and California Cable Car lines is 57,300 feet.

4. Event waste diversion direct reported to Intel by Moscone Center.

5. Carbon reductions based on fuel use direct reported by freight hauler in 2011 and 2012.  Consolidation, hydrogen injection technology and local storage are estimated to avoid 10,000, 697 and 2,070 gallons of fuel respectively. Carbon equivalencies provided by USEPA Greenhouse Gas Calculator.

6. RECs are calculated based on actual venue energy use and purchased through Sterling Planet. Wind energy project: Elk River Wind Farm. Located in Butler Country, Kansas. Carbon equivalencies provided by Sterling Planet.

7. Event waste direct reported by Moscone Center. A typical Ultrabook weight of 3 lbs. used.