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Industrial Consolidation Reduces Cost, Complexity, and Footprint

Industrial Consolidation Reduces Cost, Complexity, and Footprint

• Find new ways to lower operating expenses, a large part of which are the purchase and support of industrial systems, such as spares, maintenance and repairs.
• Prevent system proliferation from consuming precious space and straining IT resources.
• Minimize downtime and respond to unique support requireme...nts for configuration, backups, spares, and software patching that result from dealing with numerous systems.
• Oversee a large number and variety of systems, which means more devices to install, provision, manage, secure, and fail, and more integration tasks to manage, such as networking, cabling, mounting, and shielding, and their attendant costs.
• Provide the housing and integration of numerous systems, and respond to the resulting increase in overall power consumption and cost, without compromising performance.

• Efficiency can be improved when multiple factory functions are consolidated onto a single hardware platform.
• Consolidated equipment can decrease operating expense, factory footprint, energy consumption, and integration and support effort as the combined system often takes up less factory floor space than the multiple systems it replaces.
• Multicore architectures and hardware-based virtualization accelerators provide the computing power needed to consolidate multiple operating systems (OSs) and their applications on a single physical board, and deliver real-time, deterministic performance in a virtualized environment

Factory changes drive opportunity
Today’s fiercely competitive manufacturing environment is driving companies to constantly sharpen their operational efficiencies and lower costs, without compromising quality, employee safety, or performance. Manufacturers are seeking new strategies that address a range of critical areas, including simplifying the purchase and support of industrial systems, reducing the numbers and varieties of systems in the factory, and optimizing the use of floor space.

Read the full Industrial Consolidation Reduces Cost, Complexity, and Footprint Solution Brief.

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