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Intel® True Scale Fabric Quick Start Guide

Intel® True Scale Fabric Quick Start Guide

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This guide shows a tried and tested method of installing and testing an Intel® True Scale Fabric. It has been used to install high performance computing (HPC) clusters of all sizes and should be appropriate for most deployments. It omits discussion and alternatives in order to keep it brief and easy to follow.

Intel® True Scale Fabric can be installed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux* (RHEL) 5.x, 6.x (including CentOS* and Scientific Linux*), and SLES10 and SLES11. For simplicity, this guide uses RHEL6.

There are many ways to perform the installation of an Intel True Scale Fabric, consult the product documentation to see the full capabilities of the commands and methods available.

The guide does not describe the following topics:
• How to configure the switches and verify the cabling in larger fabrics with multiple switches. These procedures are additional to this guide.
• How to install on clusters using management software that requires special packaging of software components, e.g. IBM Platform Cluster Manager*, Rocks Cluster Distribution*, etc. The section “Install the Host Stack” in this guide is not applicable for such systems.
• Multivendor InfiniBand* fabrics: mixing Intel® True Scale Architecture components with InfiniBand* components from other vendors.

Please contact an Intel® True Scale Fabric subject matter expert for help with fabrics using any of these items.

Read the full Intel® True Scale Fabric Quick Start Guide.

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