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Healthcare Policies and Standards

Where information and care meet—Intel’s policies and standards supporting healthcare innovation

Intel® technology is used in a wide range of healthcare applications, and we collaborate with healthcare providers, other companies, and policymakers on innovative new products and solutions aimed at improving global access to quality, affordable healthcare.

Intel in Healthcare

Social scientists from Intel travel the world, conducting ethnographic research in hospitals and homes. Our research focuses on improving care in clinical environments, advancing personal health technologies for the home, identifying new care models and work practices, and promoting standards and policies that enable innovation and interoperability across the healthcare ecosystem. The insights we gain through our people-centered research help inform the design of a growing roster of innovative products and technology solutions.

In a people-centric healthcare world, patients and care teams must be able to easily collaborate across the continuum of care. The key to this information exchange is the industry-wide adoption of standards. Intel invests significant resources in standards initiatives while collaborating with other technology industry leaders to accelerate the innovation of solutions that will ensure the stability and interoperability of the greater technology infrastructure.

Intel’s healthcare collaborations include helping to launch and lead the Continua Health Alliance, which has established guidelines for highly connected personal tele-health products for fitness, disease management, elder care, and more. Intel is also a founding member of Dossia, a consortium of large employers focused on developing a secure framework that enables more than 2.5 million employees, dependents, and retirees to collect and maintain lifelong electronic health records. In addition, Intel and the Alzheimer's Association formed Everyday Technologies in Alzheimer Care, a consortium to address the needs of the estimated four million people in the United States living with Alzheimer’s disease.





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