Intel® Healthcare Solutions: Driving Innovation to Improve Quality

Intel Across Healthcare: Driving Innovation to Improve Quality

Facing the World’s Healthcare Challenges

Around the globe, healthcare decision-makers struggle daily with tighter budgets, rising costs, worker shortages, an explosion of data—all as technology advances at a breakneck pace and the business and regulatory landscape shifts beneath their feet.

The future looks ...even more daunting. Health is intrinsically linked to quality of life, yet demographic trends threaten both. An aging and more urbanized global population is experiencing a rise in chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, lung disorders, and Alzheimer’s disease, amplifying the demand for access to quality, affordable care. The higher expectations of the Baby Boom generation will further strain healthcare resources.

As demand increases, the supply of traditional healthcare workers shrinks. The United States alone is projected to face a shortage of 124,000 physicians by the year 2025, and the projections are even more sobering for many other countries, particularly in Africa.

Meanwhile, the cost of care continues to rise. In the United States, health insurance premiums far outpace the rate of general inflation, and the same pattern is seen throughout the world. Based on demographic trends, the proportion of GDP allocated to medical expenses is bound to increase.

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