Extreme-Scale Computing for Precision Medicine

Executive Summary

Precision medicine promises a transformative era of personalized health, with customized treatments and diagnostics tailored to each individual's unique biology. Powered by data- and simulation-driven insights into biomedical and biochemical processes, precision medicine has the potential to replace today's trial-and-error medicine with personalized, predictive treatments ...for cancer and other diseases. In doing so, precision medicine promises to transform healthcare and improve lives and economies around the world.

But these promises will only be fulfilled through dramatic improvements in computational performance and capacity, along with advances in software, tools, and algorithms. Extreme-scale computers—machines that perform one billion billion calculations per second and are over 100 times more powerful than today's fastest systems—will be needed to analyze vast stores of clinical and genomic data and develop predictive treatments based on advanced 3D multi-scale simulations with uncertainty quantification. Precision medicine will also require scaling systems down, so clinicians can incorporate research breakthroughs into everyday practice.

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