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Tanita's Professional Body Composition Monitors Adopt Intel Architecture

Personal healthcare utilizing latest ICT to promote health
PCs, tablets, smartphones, and other digital devices have established a central role in our modern digital lifestyles, and many people are utilizing them to get the most in their daily lives. At the same time, the use of information and communications technology (ICT) is becoming common in the field of personal healthcare, which supports health maintenance and other personal medical services. This includes the many people who seek to live a healthy lifestyle by keeping their own records of their physical condition, such as their diet, use of supplements, gym workout programs, body temperature, blood pressure, weight, and body fat index. ICT is well-suited to tying together this centralized management and utilization of medical and health information. For example, the latest health devices are capable of sending measurement data via networks. It is possible to give consumers access to their personal information whenever and wherever they want by combining Internet services, that manage and utilize the data, with user devices able to view and manage the data. In addition, analysis of collected data and its statistics can provide users with hard data about their state of health or the effectiveness of their exercise program. It also allows them to keep track of day-to-day changes in their personal numbers.

Adoption of Intel® architecture by MC-980A* brings major step forward
One solution already available in the world of personal healthcare that makes advanced use of ICT is the MC-980A*, a professional multi-frequency segmental body composition monitor from Tanita Corporation. The MC-980A uses Microsoft Windows* on an Intel® architecture hardware platform to achieve a major improvement in ease-of-use and other functionality compared to its predecessor.

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