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Smarter Therapeutic Devices

White Paper: Outlines how Wind River technology meets challenges for improving therapeutic devices.

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Smarter Therapeutic Devices with New Technology

Intel and Wind River have teamed up to explore a solution that will enable original equipment manufacturers and software developers to streamline the design and development process of making therapeutic devices and accelerate time to market with more reliable and secure products.

Wind River and Intel have developed a concept reference design to illustrate what is possible with today’s more advanced technologies. The concept combines Intel’s high-performance multi-core processing technology with Wind River virtualization software, enabling multiple operating systems and applications to run on a single, scalable hardware device. Virtualization allows critical and non-critical applications to run independently in separate hardware partitions, controlled by an embedded hypervisor.

The solution concept will help manufacturers deliver smarter, more efficient, higher-performance devices with more intuitive interfaces that enable users to take full advantage of their advanced functionality.

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