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Accountable Care Orgs: IT Strategies for 21st Century Healthcare

Key concepts, for detailing a blueprint for patient care and payment reform

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Accountable Care Orgs: IT Strategies for 21st Century Healthcare

Introduction: Toward an Architecture for Next-Generation Care Delivery

As global populations age and the prevalence of chronic disease rises, it’s increasingly clear that we can’t deliver higher-quality, more affordable healthcare without aligning payment incentives and improving coordination across the many providers who care for a given patient. This clarity helped lead to the specification of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) in healthcare reform legislation passed by the U.S. Congress in 2010 called the Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act.

ACOs are a U.S. phenomenon whose specifics, as of this writing, are still being developed. Beyond partisan politics and program details, however, the trends driving the establishment of ACOs are universal, and the importance of care coordination and payment reform are widely recognized. ACOs share goals and approaches with projects and pilots around the world, including GP commissioning in the U.K., networks of Medicare Locals for primary care in Australia, and new payment paradigms in China for rural healthcare delivery. All reflect the need to care for larger populations of sicker patients with fewer providers; all are driving toward a new paradigm of 21st-century healthcare based on integrated, personalized, distributed, and coordinated care delivery.

ACOs and other alternate care delivery approaches depend for their success on secure, shared access to comprehensive, timely, accurate clinical information. As such, they require ministries of health, healthcare systems, and other organizations to architect and design new information infrastructure that can deliver the right data to the right stakeholders in ways that improve clinical outcomes and lower the cost of care.

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