Thin Mini-ITX Interoperability Guide

Thin Mini-ITX Interoperability Guide

Thin Mini-ITX Desktop Boards and All-In-One PC Chassis
Thin Mini-ITX-based all-in-one PC chassis are available in a variety of stylish, capable designs. There are many optional, innovative features including 10-finger multi-touch, dual microphones, high resolution web cameras, and VESA* mount capability that can be combined with capable, Thin Mini-ITX ...desktop boards and compatible components to meet specific computing needs. Thin Mini-ITX desktop boards are intended to promote solution design for entry-level through to demanding desktop PC environments. Select boards support 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors, up to 65-watt thermal design power (TDP), up to 16 GB system memory, SATA III, and up to up to two mini PCI-Express* slots for add-in cards.

All-In-One PC Chassis Selection
The wide range of Thin Mini-ITX-based all-in-one PC chassis promotes solution design for targeted compute needs.

When designing a multi-touch capable solution, including an infrared remote control, planning to VESA mount the system or require high definition-integrated webcam and dual microphone capability, choose an all-in-one PC chassis that supports desired features.

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