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Intel Partners with NCCoE on Cybertheft

Partnering to create solutions for cybersecurity

Each year hundreds of millions of records are compromised in breaches and technical errors worldwide, costing businesses billions of dollars, threatening national security, and undermining consumer privacy and confidence. Cybersecurity is a challenge for company’s large and small, as well as private and public institutions, states, and the federal government.

Intel partnering to help eliminate the cybertheft threat

Intel signed a partnership with the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE), along with 10 other industry leaders: Cisco, HP, HyTrust, McAfee, Microsoft, RSA, Splunk, Symantec, Vanguard, and Venafi. The NCCoE is a unique partnership of public and private sectors and was created by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to bring together the best minds to focus on the growing problem of cybertheft. The group aims to enable shared cybersecurity best practices, tools, and solutions to reduce risk and enhance trust in our national IT systems, electronic communications, and transactions.

Dave Patterson, president of Intel Federal, was on stage April 15th in Maryland to sign for Intel, the first private company to join the partnership. Patterson said, "The complexity of the global Cyber Security threat environment requires the best thinking and innovation of the public and private sectors to develop the open standards and best practices to address this daunting challenge."

Security threats are getting more complex

Today with virtualization, cloud computing, mobile devices, complexity of the IT model, and more, the “attack surface” is expanding. Attacks are moving down the compute platform stack to just below the OS and virtual machines, so they can evade current software-only solutions. Hardware-enhanced security is required to move critical security processes down into the hardware.  


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