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As the proud owner of an unlocked Intel® processor, you know the importance of playing without limits. With Intel® Club Enthusiast, we are bringing you the best offers, through member-exclusive special prizes, discounts, bundles, and contests.

The best part?
It’s free.

The second-best part?
If you own an unlocked Intel® processor, you already qualify.

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What is Intel® Club Enthusiast?
This is one way we’re giving out a thank you to all of our fans committed to unlocked Intel® processors. For those who want to dominate, create, or simply lead the pack, we created Intel® Club Enthusiast.

Exclusive, members-only program
This exclusive, members-only club is open only to those who have made the decision to step up to the best unlocked Intel® processors for their rig. For those who chose to put Intel Inside®, we’re giving access to deals that will help further unlock your potential—whether playing, creating, enjoying, or doing pretty much anything with your PC.

What you will get
•    Exclusive discounts on top-tier Intel products—enjoy discounts on Intel® processors and Intel® SSDs.
•    Special product bundles—get that perfect hardware bundle to up your game.
•    Exclusive contests—compete for a chance to win dream hardware that will give your rig the boost it deserves.
•    Members-only access to select events—become an exclusive VIP attendee at some of the biggest events around.

How to join
Since Intel® Club Enthusiast is reserved for truly committed unlocked Intel® processor enthusiasts, we need to verify that you own one of the qualifying components.
•    Register at our Membership Portal at enthusiast.intel.com/register.
•    To verify membership eligibility, download and run a small app on your PC that will verify that you have an unlocked Intel® processor.
•    Enjoy your members only benefits.


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