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Intel at Embedded World 2014

Where the embedded community comes together
February 25 - 27 in Nuremberg, Germany

The emerging Internet of Things (IoT) offers businesses the opportunity to develop new services, enhance productivity and efficiency, improve real-time decision making, solve critical problems, and develop new consumer experiences.


Come see how we are accelerating the development and deployment of intelligent devices, creating systems of systems by connecting legacy devices to the cloud and enabling end-to-end analytics to transform business.

Intel along with Wind River* and McAfee* invite you to join us at the Intel booth in Hall 1 space #320 and Wind River booth in Hall 5 space #360, where you will see some exciting demonstrations like:


Intel® System Studio for IoT Designs & Wind River Linux
In this demo you will learn how to easily use Intel® System Studio to optimize and debug an Intel® Quark SoC X1000 processor based IoT system. It will showcase how to efficiently use Intel® System Studio components such as OpenOCD, Intel® JTAG Debugger, Intel® C++ Compiler, Intel’s Performance Libraries and Intel® VTune Amplifier to debug and optimize a Wind River Linux based system.

Rail Transport, Sensor to Cloud
Come see how Intel is helping to bring additional intelligence to the rail and other transportation industries.  You will see an end to end, sensor to cloud, example of how to smart sensors can communicate back through a Intel IoT gateway and into normalized cloud data models.

Session Information

Session Name
Tues-25th 9:30-11:00am
Software Test & Debug Methods System software debug on Intel architecture based Intelligent Systems Robert Mueller-Albrecht 1455
Wed-26th 10:00-10:30am Yocto Making a Splash: Digital signage powered by MinnowBoard and the Yocto project. Scott Garman 1722
Wed-26th 11:00-11:30am Yocto Using the Yocto project to conquer the IoT security nightmare David Stewart 1605
Wed-26th 4:30-5:00pm Security & Cryptography I Security considerations for the Internet of Things Michael Cioffi 1549
Thu-27th 9:30-10:00am Security & Cryptography II Next generation security technologies for embedded systems Jan Krueger 1501
Thu-27th 11:00-11:30am M2M Applying connectivity manageability and security to critical infrastructure Michael Gaudlitz 1496
Thu-27th 12:00-12:30pm Development Tools Optimizing automotive software stacks for performance and reliability Naveen Gv 1453
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Hall 1 space 320

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