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Intel PRO Server Adapters: Multiple Gigabit Ethernet Connections

Whether segmenting a small office network or migrating to consolidation and virtualization of a global data center, Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) adapters play a key role in maximizing network availability, reliability, and performance. This whitepaper provides an overview of how Intel® PRO Server Adapters address the high-performance demands of today’s network environment.

The Increasing Demand of Network Speed, Reliability, and Availability

Computer networks are now an ubiquitous, all-pervasive part of life. Lawyers, doctors, scientists, bankers, retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and others rely on some form of network connectivity to sell and deliver products and services. Even one-person real estate shops rely on network connectivity to access large, networked databases of property listings and agents. Additionally, the deployment of e-Commerce continues to spread, now encompassing our private lives with on-line bill paying, on-line shopping, and a host of other on-line, on-demand services and conveniences.

Not only is there an ever-broadening demand for services, but the required services are in themselves becoming more complex and demanding. Global weather modeling is perhaps one of the more esoteric examples of a highly complex and demanding application. A more mundane but equally demanding example is debit card purchases. Debit card use is now eclipsing both cash and check writing as the preferred consumer-transaction method. It works because it is quick, convenient, reliable, and available just about anywhere we go.

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