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Intel® Ethernet Server Adapters, Microsoft Windows Server 2008*

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Intel® Ethernet Server Adapters, Microsoft Windows Server* 2008

Network security is an increasingly crucial issue for network administrators. Attacks from outside-and from within the data-center network- must be thwarted to protect service levels, prevent loss of intellectual property, avoid theft of sensitive client data, meet regulatory compliance, and mitigate corporate liability. Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) provides network administrators with a suite of tools to create a robust defense against network attacks from any source.

This White Paper is an overview of IPsec as implemented in Microsoft Windows Server 2008*. Additionally, the role of new-generation Intel® Ethernet Server Adapters and Ethernet controllers is discussed in terms of how they offload IPsec processing onto silicon to enhance security while maintaining line-rate network throughout.


Attacks on network-both from outside and from within the network continue to be a challenge for network administrators and a potentially costly liability for enterprises. Malicious attacks, such as viruses and Denial of Service (DoS), cause loss of time and business and require use of valuable resources to resolve. Data theft, especially confidential client or customer information, can cause loss of customer trust at minimum and may cost millions of dollars in legal fees and restitution should a class-action suit arise.

Equally troubling are recent estimates that now place the number of attacks from within networks as high as eighty percent of all successful attacks on corporate networks. These attacks can come from employees, on-site contractors, consultants, anyone with access to the corporate network. Considering the potential for loss from data theft-whether it be loss of market advantage or liability for identity theft- the time and expense of providing robust security is really minimal.

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