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Intel® 82566 Gigabit Platform LAN Connection: Thermal Design

This document is provided as an aid to designing a thermal solution for systems implementing the 82566 Gigabit Platform LAN Connect PHY.

For systems requiring high reliability and/or long service life, please contact your local Intel sales office or your distributor to obtain the Intel 82566EI High Reliability Design Guide.

This document is subject to change without notice; please contact your Intel representative to ensure that you have the most current information.

Properly designed solutions provide adequate cooling to maintain the 82566 case temperature (Tcase) at or below those listed in Table 2. The PHY should function properly if case temperatures are kept at or below those presented. Ideally this is accomplished by providing a low local ambient temperature airflow and creating a minimal thermal resistance to that local ambient temperature. Heatsinks and higher airflow might be required if case temperatures exceed those listed in Table 2.

Read the full Intel® 82566 Gigabit Platform LAN Connection: Thermal Design.

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