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82562EZ(EX)/82547GI(EI) Dual Footprint

Intel® 82562EZ(EX)/82547GI(EI) Dual Footprint (AP-440)

Intel currently supports several footprint compatible Ethernet options depending upon the target application. The term “footprint compatible” means that the silicon devices are all manufactured in a 15 mm x 15 mm, 196-ball grid array package with the same ball pattern. Many of the critical signal pin locations are identical, allowing designers to create a single LAN on Motherboard (LOM) design that accommodates all devices. This is a flexible, cost-effective, multipurpose design technique that allowing maximized value while matching performance needs.

Note: Since some of the signal pins have different usages, the term “pin-compatible” is not applicable.

Available LAN components with the same footprint include the Intel® 82547GI(EI) Gigabit Ethernet Controller and the Intel® 82562EZ(EX) Platform LAN Connect components.

The LAN component used on a specific platform depends on the end user’s need for connection speed and manageability. As the requirements change, footprint compatibility makes it possible to re-focus the platform without the need to redesign a new a motherboard.

This application note contains Ethernet design guidelines applicable to LOM designs based on the Intel® 865 Chipset and Intel® 875 Chipset. The document identifies similarities and differences between the 82562EZ(EX) Platform LAN Connect device and the 82547GI(EI) Gigabit Ethernet Controller.
Section 2 describes the port interfaces specific to each device.
Section 3 explains what you need to know to hook up an Ethernet device to the system.
Section 4 describes board layout techniques applicable to these devices.
Section 5 provides a reference to the design and layout checklists.

Read the full Intel® 82562EZ(EX)/82547GI(EI) Dual Footprint Application Note.

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