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Intel® 82559 LAN on Motherboard (LOM) Design Guide, 1.4

The Intel® LAN on Motherboard 82559 provides: a higher level of integration, enhanced features set, reduced power consumption, and small footprint (15 mm by 15 mm). The 82559 has been optimized to accelerate the integration of LAN into desktop, server, PC cards, docking stations (port replicators), and mobile platforms.

This application note covers the design of the 82559 into a platform based on Intel’s PCI to ISA/IDE Xcelerator 4 (PIIX4). The 82559 will reduce cost, power, and real estate in existing LAN On Motherboard (LOM) designs. Platform designs for other chipsets are available from your Intel representative.

Reference Documents
This application note assumes that the designer has a working knowledge of high-speed design and layout issues. A knowledge of the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) Specification and power management industry initiatives is valuable prior to beginning the integration of the 82559 into any platform. The following reference list provides sufficient background material.
• PCI Specification, PCI Special Interest Group.
• Network Device Class Reference, Revision 1.0, Intel Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, and Toshiba.
• Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) Specification, Intel Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Toshiba.
• Advanced Power Management (APM) Specification, Intel Corporation and Microsoft Corporation.
• 82559 Fast Ethernet Multifunction PCI/CardBus Controller Datasheet, Intel Corporation.
• LAN On Motherboard (LOM) Design Guide Application Note (AP-391), Intel Corporation.
• WOL Header Recommendations, Intel Corporation.

Read the full Intel® 82559 LAN on Motherboard Design Guide, 1.4 application note.

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