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Intel in Communications

Intel® 82551ER Fast Ethernet Multifunction PCI/Cardbus Controller

The Intelligent Way to Connect
• High-performance/low-cost solution
• Advanced offloading features speed data transfers
• Footprint compatibility for flexible designs

Product Description

The Intel® 82551ER Integrated 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX Ethernet Controller expands the family of Intel® 8255x controllers. As part of Intel’s fourth generation of fully integrated Fast Ethernet MAC/PHY solutions, the 82551ER is optimized for low-cost, embedded applications.

The 82551ER provides excellent performance with offloading of TCP, UDP, and IP checksums. Its optimized 32-bit interface and efficient scatter-gather bus mastering capabilities enable the controller to perform high-speed data transfers over the PCI bus. These capabilities accelerate the processing of high-level commands and operations, lowering CPU utilization. The device’s architecture enables efficient data flow from the bus interface unit to the 3KB transmit and receive FIFOs, providing the perfect balance between the wire and system bus. In addition, multiple priority queues augment Quality of Service (QoS) performance.

The 82551ER is pin-compatible with the Intel®82559ER Fast Ethernet controller, and it is layout-compatible with Intel®82540 and Intel®82541 Gigabit Ethernet controllers. Intel-supported 82551ER drivers run on the standard Intel®82551QM Fast Ethernet PCI/CardBus Controller, providing OEMs an upgrade path to the 82551QM for additional features and increased functionality.

Read the full Intel® 82551ER Fast Ethernet Multifunction PCI/Cardbus Controller product brief.

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