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The cloud helps IT manage pressure on the data center, while offering added agility, efficiency, and cost savings. With those benefits come concerns about data protection and security compliance. Intel’s technologies promote pervasive data encryption and secure connections. We provide proven security solution stacks that enable sophisticated auditing and reporting, faster, more secure connections, improved protection from data loss, and enforced API controls. 

Use the following resources to learn about securing your cloud. 

How Intel IT Addresses Security

In this podcast, Alan Ross, who leads the Security Architecture and Technology Development Team at Intel IT, talks about data security, application security, compliance, privacy, and other challenges posed by cloud-based technologies.

Listen to the podcast (6:37) >

How Hardware-Based IT Security Tools Help Protect Your Enterprise Data

Learn how Intel® Trusted Execution Technology bolsters traditional software-based security solutions with hardware-based security for servers and client PCs.

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What's holding back the cloud?

How Confident in Cloud Security are Today’s IT Professionals?

Review key findings from our blind survey of eight hundred IT professionals in four countries. You’ll get insight into cloud security concerns and how those concerns can be alleviated.

Download the cloud security report (31 pages) >

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