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2 in 1 Devices for Sales Professionals

Stay ahead of customers with 2 in 1 technology

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2 in 1 for Sales

The best sales professionals help their customers find what they are looking for in the shortest amount of time, while keeping the prospect engaged and interested. But, with today’s wide range of possible choices, that can be a tough sell. Just keeping track of a changing inventory, their key features and selling messages, new promotions, new rules, regulations, and forms all can keep the best of sales professionals busy.

Fortunately, sales software systems abound to help with the backend. But, the front-end is where the sales professional lives. Neither the laptop nor tablet is an optimal tool. Balancing a laptop on one hand, while mousing or touching with the other is treacherous—for the laptop anyway. And entering data in a tablet without a keyboard is slow and challenging, risking the customer’s disengagement. These are the reasons 2 in 1s exist; these are why it is perfect for the sales workflow.

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