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Mobile Collaboration and Creativity Equals 2 in 1

Drive office innovation on a 2 in 1 mobile device

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2 in 1 for Office Creativity, Collaboration

In business today, creativity and collaboration drive innovation. This has often required multiple devices to get the job done, because we have to work in two different modes. Creativity means think time, typing and data input, and working hooked up, head down, and hands on with the PC—alone. Collaboration is a whole different interaction—working together with colleagues, often meeting spontaneously somewhere other than your desk.

With all the cables that need to be disconnected at the desk, getting a laptop to a collaborative environment is only half the challenge. Gathering a group around a laptop is awkward and ineffective no matter where you do it. In a hallway, it is worse, balancing the laptop on one hand and touching with the other. The bigger the group, the more difficult it becomes. And it is not much easier spread out across a large conference table.

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