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Using Wireless Sensor Networks to Support the Greening of Intel - Energy Monitoring and Management Demonstration System Presentation

Using WSN Components to Support the Greening of Intel


• As part of Intel’s Green Initiative, actions are being take to identify opportunities to conserve energy resources and reduce carbon footprint.
• Monitoring and management of energy in the office environment has been identified as an integral part of that conservation.
• Information gathered about energy consumption in the office environment can empower:
– Employees to voluntarily conserve energy resources once they are aware of energy consumption.
– Corporate building services to architect, design, and operate more efficient offices.
• An automated method of collecting energy consumption information in the office environment to support this effort was desired.
• This document describes the Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) design that was implemented and demonstrated on GREENit Day for that purpose.

• The system described herein utilized commercially-available components featuring a low-power Intel® Atom™-based server to efficiently monitor energy consumption in a mocked-up office cubicle.
• The demonstration system, while limited in scope and implemented for portability in a tradeshow-like setting, is designed to be easily scaled to larger, more permanent, and more complete office environments.
• The system architecture employed is a three-tier architecture consisting of:
– An ad-hoc wireless sensor mesh network consisting of multiple environmental and power sensor nodes that measure key environmental and energy consumption parameters,
– A mid-tier layer of routers which collate and convert sensor mesh network data traffic to intermediate Local Area Network format and communicate that data by various means to the next higher tier, and
– A top-tier Intel Atom™-based server that:
• Collects and stores pertinent information in a Postgres database for further analysis.
• Manages all three tiers of the WSN.
• Provides web-services-based reporting and graphing of key environmental and energy consumption parameters.

Read the full Using WSN Components to Support the Greening of Intel Demo.

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