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Embedded Opportunities: Commercial Energy Management

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Embedded Opportunities: Commercial Energy Management

New Embedded Opportunities Connecting the Physical World to the Digital World

Commercial Energy Management

Key Messages
• Define end-to-end architecture for energy segment and identify embedded platform opportunities
• Purpose of hands-on PoC efforts:
– Raising visibility of Intel’s own energy consumption
– Using Intel® Atom™ processors to monitor/manage energy consumption
– Vehicle to drive energy efficiency at a platform level
– Vehicle to learn segment implementation and scalability implications

End-to-End Smart Grid Network: Embedded Architecture Strategies

• Make Intel® Atom™ the architecture of choice for smart grid technology and products everywhere (Generation -> Transmission -> Distribution -> Consumption).
IMPACT: Add distributed computer and communications capabilities end-to-end

• Extend beyond metering by enabling new routing, management, and control functions between the consumer and energy (service) providers.
IMPACT: Intel® Atom™ Compute/Comm at the pivot point

• Enable demand response and home energy management using Intel® Atom™-based management and control inside the home.

• Enhance consumer energy consumption control and feedback mechanisms through new mobile and fixed UIs.

• Intel® Atom™ manages the Energy Information SC today; tomorrow Intel® Atom™ will also provide distributed management and control of the Energy SC components.

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