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Synchrophasor Solution Simplifies Smart Grid Development: Brief

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Synchrophasor Solution Simplifies Smart Grid Development

Simplifying Smart Grid Development with Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework

Phasor measurement unit (PMU) solution reduces cost and complexity, increases scalability, and lowers risk.

• PMU solutions and associated data management solutions are still evolving and can be expensive, non-standard, and non-real time.
• Additional investment in telecommunications technology and networking infrastructure may be needed to accommodate the large amounts of accumulated data.
• New data management expertise is needed to aid in collecting, analyzing, storing, and providing data to users and applications.
• New applications on interoperable and high performance systems using synchronized data are needed, and they must work on legacy systems and existing devices, as well as yet-to-be established devices, systems, and domains.

• The synchrophasor data management solution built on Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework-based platforms employs high-volume, standard computing systems used across many industries in order to reduce deployment cost and complexity.
• Synchrophasor solutions built on an Intel Intelligent Systems Framework foundation are designed to improve energy transmission and distribution system efficiency.
• The solution uses sensors, called phasor measurement units (PMUs), to measure voltage and current on power lines.
• Phasor data concentrators consolidate and store the data from PMUs. Sophisticated analytics and visualization software help convert this data into actionable information for grid operators.
• Systems integrators or grid operators can identify trends and build predictive models to deliver future-focused products and services.

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