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Intel US Retiree Information

This site provides retirement benefits and information for employees who have retired from Intel Corporation in the United States. This website is sponsored by Intel employee services.

Retiree Annual Health Care Enrollment: October 26 – December 15

The Intel health benefits annual enrollment period is now over. Benefit elections made during Annual Enrollment are effective January 1, 2016.

There are different time frames for Non-Medicare (typically under age 65) and Medicare (typically age 65+) retiree enrollment actions associated with Medicare, individual plans, and Aon Retiree Health Exchange. These begin Oct. 1 and run through Dec. 15. The specific dates for Non-Medicare and Medicare plans can be found on Page 4 of the Retiree Annual Enrollment Guide.

Regardless of which plans you select, your benefit elections are effective January 1, 2016.


Key Health Care Enrollment Dates

(For January 1, 2016 effective date)

 Intel Annual Enrollment – Intel Benefits, including IRMP, VSP Vision, and MetLife Dental

 Ended November 13

 Aon Retiree Health Exchange
 (Health Insurance outside of Intel) Medicare

 October 15 – December 7

 Aon Retiree Health Exchange
 (Health Insurance outside of Intel) Non-Medicare

 November 1 – December 15



 Medicare Open Enrollment

 October 15 – December 7

 Health Insurance Marketplace Open Enrollment  

 November 1 – December 15

 Note:  If you make a change during the Medicare or Health Insurance Marketplace Open  Enrollments after November 13, please call the Intel Health Benefits Center at (877) GoMyBen  (466-9236) for assistance. This must be done no later than December 15 for coverage beginning January 1, 2016.


The Retiree AE Guide — which has been sent to your address on file with Intel—will help you make informed health care decisions. Review the guide to find out what’s changing in 2016, determine what decisions you need to make, and see the plan features and cost comparison charts.


Your Health Care Enrollment Resources continue to be available

Retiree 2016 Annual Enrollment Guide

Intel’s Annual Enrollment Virtual Roadshow

My Health Benefits Site

Intel Health Benefits Center:  877-GoMyBen (877-466-9236) 


Key changes for 2016

Intel retiree health care benefits are changing to offer more flexibility and choice, including:

  • The Annual Enrollment window is longer to give you time to examine all the choices available from Intel and through individual plans in the marketplace
  • Premiums for IRMP options increase 7% for 2016, so take full advantage of resources available to compare alternatives
  • The Aon Retiree Health Exchange* is available free-of-charge to help you find the right health care options and perhaps save money with a plan comparable to the IRMP
  • A new Intel Catastrophic Rx Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) is available to Medicare retirees enrolled in Medicare Part D to provide more financial protection
  • Anyone who enrolls in the VSP Vision Plus Plan receives the added benefit of laser vision correction (Lasik) coverage. The benefit is a $2,000 allowance per lifetime per covered member


Intel U.S. Retirees: Benefit Programs and Resources

Intel provides a variety of benefits to our U.S. retirees. Click on any of the following links to get more information.

Now That You Have Retired

Intel Involved Matching Grant Program and Matching Gifts to Education Program

Fidelity NetBenefits*

Retiree Health Programs Overview

Stock Benefit Program

The Intel Store

Discount Programs

Retirement Service Award


Intel Retiree Organization

The Intel Retiree Organization (IRO) was established in 2001 by a group of Intel retirees from Oregon and Washington. Today, over 50% of U.S. retirees become members of the IRO. If you would like to join the IRO and receive information on local events, social activities or a newsletter that is sponsored by your fellow Intel retirees, please join the Intel Retiree Organization. To join, just fill out a simple form.

If you have a change of mailing address, you will need to notify Intel Corporation by calling the global call center at 1-800-238-0486.


Contact Information

Fidelity Service Center                                                 1-800-401-7377

Intel Get HR Help Call Center                                     1-800-238-0486

Intel Health Benefits Center  (Including Aon Retiree Health Exchange)

                                                                                           1-877-466-9236 (1-877-GoMyBen)

MetLife Customer Service                                           1-877-770-4638

Reed Group                                                                    1-866-532-5664

UBS Service Center                                                      1-866-785-4682


*Aon Retiree Health Exchange is a service offered through Aon Corporation, and is not an Intel sponsored program.

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