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Improving Mission-Critical System Efficiency and Productivity

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Improving Mission-Critical System Efficiency and Productivity

• Airlines and maintenance and repair overhaul organizations require data and advanced analytics for detection, prediction, and alerting about abnormal conditions.
• A trending analysis tool is important to estimate failure progression and a means to strengthen maintenance decision support.
• Unanticipated severe conditions in aircraft engines and systems can lead to costly air turn backs as well as delays and cancelations (D&Cs).
• Industry personnel must often struggle with a range of asset types with disparate user interfaces from different manufacturers.

• Increased asset availability improves operational efficiency for asset operators and MROs.
• Enhanced asset visibility and awareness leads to reduced unplanned maintenance and allows a shift to planned condition-based maintenance (CBM).
• Greater real-time insight into asset operation and health conditions results in more timely maintenance actions.
• Expertise in physics-based models drives more accurate analytics.
• An open-system platform provides users with the ability to monitor different types of assets via a single console, reducing operator training, context switching, and expense.
• Rich user management and configuration features reduced lead time to deploy applications to a user’s live operating environment.

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