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Intel® IoT Gateways Development Kit DK200 Series

Intel® IoT Gateways DK200 series development kits are optimized for transportation applications. They can help you quickly develop, prototype, and deploy intelligent gateways. The kits also help maintain interoperability between new intelligent infrastructure and legacy systems, including sensors and datacenter servers.


The kits include pre-integrated and pre-validated hardware and software from Intel, McAfee, and Wind River, helping you reduce time-to-market and development costs.


DK200 series development kit features

  • Standards-based interfaces for I/O and Wi-Fi simplify communications down to sensors and controllers and up to datacenters and the cloud. 
  • McAfee Embedded Control* maximizes security by dynamically monitoring and managing whitelists. 
  • Wind River Intelligent Device Platform* XT and Wind River Workbench* provide a proven development environment. 
  • Kits are complete with fully-configured compute board, wireless communications, security software, operating system, development tools, chassis, power supply, antennas, and documentation.

Target markets



Intel® Quark™ SoC X1020D


Wind River Linux* (Host), Wind River* Intelligent Device Platform XT, Wind River Workbench, McAfee Embedded Control*

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