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Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework for Virtual Shopping Solution

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Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework for Virtual Shopping Solution

Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework Provides Foundation for Innovative Shopping Solution

Intel® architecture helps retailers to connect and seamlessly manage online and in-store consumer experiences.

• Retail stores strive to carry diverse product inventories while managing the costs and limitations of physical inventory.
• Brick-and-mortar business competes with smartphone comparison shopping in store.
• Connecting and managing disparate in-store devices puts pressure on retail staff and can result in inconsistent consumer experiences.

• Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework-based solution provides connection and remote manageability, allowing retailers to focus on providing new experiences.
• Analytics give an inside view to customer preferences.
• Interactive and connected displays engage customers and amplify brands through social media applications on mobile devices.
• Customers experience the products firsthand—virtually through managed displays.
• Stores without any physical inventory can sell a variety of readily available major appliances.

When customers are looking for the right refrigerator, washer, or TV, they typically want to see it firsthand, and compare models. For retailers, stocking the right appliances in the right quantities can be extremely challenging.

To add to the challenge for retailers, many consumers visit stores to see products, then look up online prices on a smartphone, and make their purchases elsewhere.

Intel, working closely with augmented reality specialist YDreams, developed an innovative solution that bridges the gap between online and in-store shopping. With an initial focus on major appliances, this solution, based on the Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework and Intel’s software solution, brings products to life via interactive in-store signage systems with full-size images on multiple interactive high-definition displays. The powerful display performance, built-in security, and remote manageability empower retailers to manage multiple devices across multiple locations, enabling consistent messaging to customers.

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