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University Collaborative Research

Intel engages academia through research, curriculum, fellowships and contests to augment student learning and faculty research partnerships.

University Collaborative Research Office

What do you get when you couple extensive university engagements and researchers from a global leader in technology? Creation of technologies not yet imagined.

That is what Intel is doing with the University Collaborative Research (UnCoR) team. Within this team are three divisions responsible for working with university partners to create the future. The University Research Office (URO) collaborates with academic researchers and funds grants to explore new breakthrough technologies. The University Programs Office (UPO) partners with universities globally to update curriculum, support student contests, and connect with top PhD students. The University Collaborative Office (UCO) runs large research centers worldwide to define the future of a variety of fields including embedded systems, sustainable cities, and security.

University Research Office

University Research

Through the University Research Office (URO), Intel collaborates with academic researchers to provide the technical and financial support for projects that push technology beyond its known limits. From its inception four years ago, the URO has built research programs with Intel engineers and academic thought leaders from a variety of fields, to explore and demonstrate breakthroughs that could influence Intel and the industry overall—for example, research into technologies that support and extend the spirit of Moore’s Law or shed light on new and valuable uses for computing. We understand that the next breakthrough technology may not be so apparent today and that it will never happen if we don’t invest in and cultivate the ideas that can lead to it.

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University Programs Office

University Programs

Within the University Programs Office (UPO), Intel collaborates with its own researchers and university professors to quickly transfer research results and Intel’s latest technology into the classroom and help enhance student learning. We do this through a variety of methods including curriculum support and forums for exchanging ideas, student contests, and PhD student support. The student contests couple hands-on project experience with showing of their ideas in a fun yet competitive forum. Through the Intel PhD Fellowship Program, we support top PhD students and connect them directly with Intel’s technical leaders to share ideas and collaborate.  Every program is a strategic investment where we work to deliver mutually beneficial results to both the university and Intel.

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University Collaborative Office

University Collaboration

Within the University Collaboration Office (UCO), our mission is to broaden and deepen our academic research in areas that are important to Intel’s long-term future and bring new ideas from the academic community into Intel.  Today, we have five established U.S. Intel Science and Technology Centers (ISTCs) and two International Collaborative Research Institutes (ICRIs).

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