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Furthering Higher Ed With Governments, NGOs and Industry

Collaboration allows each partner to contribute from their areas of strength to achieve Higher Education goals


Advancing Technology Innovation Worldwide

The Intel® Higher Education Program focuses on advancing technology innovation worldwide by developing a diverse pipeline of technical talent through collaboration with academia, government, industry and non-government organization (NGO) partners. These efforts help a country maintain its competitiveness and promote economic growth.

In a given country, Intel helps provide a technical base that accelerates innovation by working with universities and other partners to develop students’ skill sets in breakthrough research that leads to technology innovation.

Then, by building upon their technical skills to solve problems, students can then learn how to turn those technology solutions into market opportunities through Intel’s entrepreneurship programs.


A couple of recent efforts in southeast Asia illustrate the kinds of collaborations we are involved in worldwide. At Tsinghui University in Taiwan, China Mobil and Intel, collaborated on a revolutionary C-RAN technology for wave broadcast mobile communications. In Vietnam, Intel is partnering with government, industry, and education, to transform technical higher education from passive, theory-based instruction to active, project-based instruction.