Intel Security Curriculum List

University Professor Courses/More Info
Carnegie Mellon University Virgil Gligor Trusted Computing
Georgia Tech Information Security Center Wenke Lee Georgia Tech Information Security Center
Imperial College London Michael Huth Integrating Security Protocol Analyzers into Undergraduate Curricula
Peking University Professor Qingni Shen Virtualization Security Curriculum
Royal Holloway, University of London Dusko Pavlovic Economics and Security
Shanghai Jiao Tong University Professor Kefei Chen Security in Mobile Cloud
Tsinghua University Professor Zhen Chen Security Vulnerability Analysis Based on Cloud Platform with Intel IA Architecture
Tsinghua University Professor Yu Chen System Security Topics on Advanced OS Course
University of California at Los Angeles William Kaiser DEEP -- Decision Support for Energy Efficient Processing
University of Michigan Morley Mao Network Security Research Projects
University of Science and Technology of China Professor Shaoyin Cheng Software Security and Testing
University of Washington Tadayoshi Kohno Control-Alt-Hack: White Hat Hacking For Fun and Profit
Wuhan University Professor Huanguo Zhang Trusted Computing Technology and Use Case Curriculum

UNC Chapel Hill

Michael Reiter

Authentication in Distributed Systems

University of Maryland

Elaine Shi

Privacy Enhancing Technologies

USC Information Sciences Institute

Jelena Mirkovic


University of Michigan

J. Alex Halderman

Introduction to Computer Security

K.U. Leuven Ingrid Verbauwhede

Secure Embedded Circuits & Systems 

Trust in Embedded Devices 

Aalto University and University of Helsinki N. Asokan

Mobile Platform Security

Software Security

UCLA Peter Reiher Security Curricula For Core Computer Science and 
Engineering Classes
University of Texas at San Antonio Ravi Sandhu   Security Architectures for Cloud and Distributed Systems
Harvey Mudd College Geoff Kuenning Fundamental Cyber Security Curricula For CS

Intel Security Curriculum Video Courses


Instructor Course
David Grawrock Trusted Computing