Intel Security Curriculum Initiative

Security Mindmap

This program is focused on fostering a cohesive curriculum program that develops security technology content to meet the challenges of providing a strong pipeline of capable students. All content is developed by the sponsored faculty at key universities and hosted on their web portals.

security content

Program Objectives

Program Objectives:

  • Raise awareness of computer security issues to computing students at all levels. Identify opportunities to augment/develop curriculum at key schools.

    • Empower students to analyze systems security risks.
    • Enable students to reason about system security properties.
    • Teach students how to exploit Intel platform capabilities to mitigate security risks.
  • Promote curriculum for use at other institutions.

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The security curricula must address three dimensions.

  • Vulnerability analysis – identify what system threats exist.
  • Mitigations – identify how to defend against the identified threats.
  • Validation – verify that the mitigations address the threats identified.
Program Range

Program Range:

Levels: Security education needs to become a common element incorporated across the entire computing curriculum.

  • Lower division: broad exposure of security thinking across the entire spectrum of computing.
  • Upper division: Security problems within targeted computing topics, introductory courses devoted to problem analysis and validation.
  • Graduate: Specialized security topics as specified by Intel.