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Intel® Embedded University Program: Curricula

Supporting Universities Worldwide with Embedded Curriculum Support

Intel is committed to supporting universities worldwide as they develop curriculum to give students hands-on experience with embedded systems. The curriculum exchange program enables professors to share Intel® Atom™ content for their embedded systems courses.

Curriculum Exchange
University Professor Courses
Arizona State University
Dr. Yang Hann Lee CSE 438/598 Embedded Systems Programming
Carnegie Mellon University   18-740/15-740 Computer Architecture
Carnegie Mellon University   18-742 Parallel Computer Architecture
18-447 Introduction to Computer Architecture
18-545 Advanced Digital Design Project
Georgia Institute of Technology Dr. Ada Gavorlinska CS4210/6210 Advanced Operating Systems
Dr. Hsien-Hsin S. Lee ECE 3055 Computer Architecture and OS
CERCS Multi-Core Repository
Howard University Charles Kim EECE 416 Microcomputer Design and EECE 456: Embedded System Design Lab 
Intel Corporation Lori Matassa and Max Domeika Break Away with Intel® Atom™ Processors: A Guide to Architecture Migration

Break Away with Intel® Atom™ Processors: Architecture Migration Activities
Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Patrick Crowley &  Peter Barry Modern Embedded Computing: Designing Connected, Pervasive, Media-Rich Systems
Oregon State University Kevin McGrath CS411 Operating Systems II
Purdue University Mark Johnson ECE477 Digital Systems Senior Project
University of California Berkeley
Dr. Edward Lee and Dr. Sanjit Seshia EECS149 Introduction to Embedded Systems
EECS149 Introduction to Embedded Systems - Textbook
University of California Los Angeles Dr. Bill Kaiser and Dr. Peter Reiher
CS 199 Secure SW Design for Embedded Systems
University of California San Diego
Dr. Ryan Kastner CSE 145 Embedded Systems Design
CSE 237D Design Automation and Prototyping for Embedded Systems
University of Colorado Boulder Dr. Sam Siewert ECEN 5623 Real-Time Embedded Systems
ECEN 5623 Real-Time Embedded Systems - Syllabus
ECEN 4653/5653/5033 Real-Time Digital Media Systems Lab
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Dr. Tilman Wolf ECE 415 and 416 Senior Design Project I and II
ECE 415 and 416  Senior Design Project I and II - Lab Instructions
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Yan Luo 16.480/552 Microprocessor II and Embedded Systems
16.650 Advanced Computer Architecture
  Dr. Robert Dick EECS 598 Embedded Systems Design and Synthesis
    EGRE 631 (formerly 691): Real-Time and Embedded Systems 
Budapest University of Technology and Economics Tomas Kovacshazy, PhD Packet Based Time Synchronization using the IEEE 1588 Standard