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Assisting Collegiates Who Pursue Technical Degrees

Opportunities offered on a country-by-country basis

Offering scholarships to outstanding students

Intel’s scholarship programs are designed to meet the particular needs of the company’s various geographic locations. All are focused on encouraging students to pursue studies in high technology.

Here’s a sampling of the current programs:

  • Intel Argentina, grants scholarships every year to outstanding students from selected universities, academic colleges, and technical colleges.
  • In Ireland, scholarships are available to third level students who wish to pursue a PhD in a technology discipline related to Intel's core businesses. The program is designed to attract, encourage, and develop the best students and young scientists. Scholarships are awarded for the duration of doctoral research program.
  • Intel Malaysia offers scholarships every year to outstanding talents from various local and private universities.
  • Intel Russia grants scholarships to outstanding undergraduate and PhD students from various universities, academic colleges, and technical colleges.


To find out about the status of scholarship and internship opportunities in other geographic regions, go to the Jobs at Intel Student Center and select your country.




Opening doors for future innovators

In addition to scholarships based on geography, Intel also participates in programs that support our goals for a diverse workforce.

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There’s also a special scholarship program for children of Intel employees.