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Project RED: A Global Toolkit for Education Transformation

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Project RED: A Global Toolkit for Education Transformation

There is a recipe for success—the Project RED Design. This global toolkit will provide you with the research, ingredients, and resources to help you achieve groundbreaking results from your education technology or ICT program.

Let’s start with the background: Project RED: Revolutionizing Education is a national research and advocacy plan to investigate how technology can help re-engineer our education systems. Since 2009, this initiative has used a cost-benefit analysis to determine which education technology programs and devices have the most cost-effective impact on schools, students, parents, states, provinces, and countries. In 2010, Project RED conducted the first large-scale national study to identify and prioritize the factors that make some K-12 technology implementations perform dramatically better than others. While this research study was conducted in the United States, the outcomes are of a universal nature and clearly apply to success in education transformation globally.

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