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Transforming Education for the Next Generation

A practical guide to learning and teaching with technology

Today’s resource limitations demand education technology investments that are successful and sustainable. This guidebook helps realize that promise.

Around the globe, technology is empowering educators to transform learning. New powerful tools in research, communication, and collaboration prepare the next generation for bigger challenges, while school systems benefit from a greater understanding of how to constantly improve.  

Centered on student success, this guidebook addresses education transformation holistically—from teaching systems and devices to government action. Complete with first-hand insight from global education leaders, case studies, and much more, get real world strategy from Intel’s successful work in education around the world. 

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Andreas Schleicher

Chapter 1. 21st Century Education for Student Success and Economic Development

Introduction: Andreas Schleicher, Deputy Director for Education and Skills, OECD

Case study: Holistic, policy-based approaches to education transformation in Peru and Panama

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Michael Golden

Chapter 2. Building Success with a Holistic Model  

Introduction: Michael Golden, Educurious

Sidebar: Comprehensive planning for a teaching and learning initiative (by Debbie Rice, Technology Director, Auburn City Schools)

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Leslie Wilson

Chapter 3. Leadership: Guiding Systemic Change

Introduction: Leslie Wilson, One-to-One Institute

Sidebar: Leadership for a fast-moving educational technology initiative (by Casey Wardynski, Superintendent, Huntsville City Schools)

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Thiam Seng Koh

Chapter 4. Policy: Setting the Framework for Success

Introduction: Thiam Seng Koh, Principal, St. Joseph’s Institution, Singapore 

Case study: A robust policy framework in Singapore

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Anjlee Prakash

Chapter 5. Professional Development: Empowering Educators to Transform Learning and Teaching

Introduction: Anjlee Prakash, Learning Links Foundation

Case study: Transforming science education in Pernambuco, Brazil

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Cristián Rizzi

Chapter 6. Curriculum and Assessment: Strategies and Resources to Activate Learning 

Introduction: Cristián Rizzi, Educational Technology Consultant

Case study: Science learning and exploration in a rural K-5 school
Case study: San Luis, Argentina’s All Kids Online program

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Robert J. Gravina

Chapter 7. Information and Communications Technology: Platforms for Learning and Teaching

Introduction: Robert J. Gravina, Poway Unified School District, Poway, California, USA

Sidebar: Technology choices for learning and teaching (by Bob Moore, Founder and CEO, RJM Strategies)

Case study: Poway Unified School District 

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Valerie Thompson

Chapter 8. Sustainable Resourcing: Consistent Funding for Long-Term Success 

Introduction: Valerie Thompson, CEO, e-Learning Foundation 

Sidebar: Sustainability at a West London Academy (by Gary Kynaston, Hammersmith Academy)

Case study: Innovative approaches to funding: Portugal, Nigeria, Russia

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Saul Rockman

Chapter 9. Research and Evaluation: Creating a Cycle of Improvement

Introduction: Saul Rockman, President, Rockman et al.  

Case study: Evaluating progress and furthering success in Macedonia

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Brian Lewis

Chapter 10. Conclusion: Innovating Together 

Introduction: Brian Lewis, CEO, ISTE

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