Digital content and analytics solutions for students, educators, schools and publishers.

The Kno™ solution provides software and services that put engaging digital content and student-educator interaction at the center of learning.

  • Students and educators can use the interactive e-Reader to enhance learning
  • Schools can manage content distribution, licensing & users
  • Schools can track and review reports on student engagement and usage
  • Publishers can convert their textbooks/PDFs into interactive eTextbooks 

Kno™ app

An interactive PDF e-Reader designed for education. It can enhance the learning experience by helping increase student engagement.  Students can make more efficient use of study time using highlighting, note taking, and journal features.

Key Benefits

  • Highlights and notes are automatically organized into a journal that becomes an instant study guide for exams
  • Students can access books, including their highlights and notes, right where they left off from any network connected device.
  • Books and PDFs are portable and available offline to allow students to study on the bus ride home

Available on iOS*, Android*, Windows* 7 and 8, and web browsers.

Lesson plan

Videos:  High school Elementary school

Kno™ for Schools

Enables districts and schools to streamline digital content deployments, including managing license distribution and user accounts.

Key Benefits

  • Organize and integrate user data from student information system (SIS)
  • Manage content distribution and licensing efficiently
  • Simple dashboard interface saves administrative time
  • Cloud-enabled backup and sync


Kno™ for Schools - Insight

Data-driven solution that can improve teaching effectiveness through data visualization. Student data, displayed as targeted graphs, link student grades to engagement with the digital content. As a result, low-performing or at-risk students can be identified much earlier, and appropriate measures can be taken to improve learning outcomes.

Key Benefits

  • Understand students' engagement with books and other digital learning materials.
  • Correlate content engagement to their grades
  • Identify low-performing, at-risk students
  • Use data to personalize learning and have meaningful conversations with students and parents


Kno™ for School Publisher

With Kno™ for School Publisher service and web-based book enhancement tool, schools can turn their PDFs into immersive learning content using video, audio, multi-media objects and links to web sites.

Intel ingests school-owned books and PDFs and makes them ready for further enhancement by schools. School editors use the web-based book enhancer tool to add video, audio, multi-media objects and links to web sites

Key Benefits

  • Bring engaging, relevant content into the classroom
  • Add interactive multi-media links
  • Supplement course materials


Kno™ for Publishers - Advance

Kno for Publishers - Advance transforms print titles into interactive eBooks instantly and at no cost to the publisher or author.

Textbooks, supplemental materials, and curriculum guides become instantly searchable and highly interactive, creating collaborative learning experiences for educators and students. Publishers can update or enhance an eBook by adding interactive content as new research is made available with videos, audio, web sites, and simulations.

Key Benefits

  • Access to more than 250,000 digital titles from over 90 publishers
  • Convert print catalog to digital in days, at no cost
  • Enhance any book with multi-media links
  • Create interactive end-of-chapter questions and assessments
  • Keep publications up-to-date post-production


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